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ArdentEdu is the leading education advisory and consultancy service from Malaysia.

ARDENTEDU's brand story

The Breakthrough

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A lots of achievements, and still have lots of things to do

Over the years, through all the programmes that had been conducted, ArdentEdu has engaged with over 3,000 thousand schools from all over Malaysia. ArdentEdu has represented Malaysia in many international events.

Since then, ArdentEdu has organized 4 academic competitions such as Kangaroo Mathematics, Beaver Computational Thinking, Kancil Science and Kijang Economics. 

Kangaroo Math Award 2017
Kangaroo Math Competition 2015
Teacher's Conference 2018

A fresh narrative in education. Welcome aboard.


Company as an edumovement

In 2020 alone, the total number of participants in these competitions exceeds 70,000 persons. All the competitions are endorsed by MoE, with PAJSK (co-curricular) marks awarded to all participants at primary and secondary school levels.

ArdentEdu also provides various types of training programs for students, teachers and the professional public, including academic and professional courses.

Through all the programs and contests that we had done, we noticed the impact of our programs on students and understood that with technology we were able to create a broader and lasting impact.

That is where the idea of Pandai came from. Pandai is a learning app that helps students get better grades in school through games like quizzes, tests, exams, notes, videos, and more.

ARDENTEDU's brand story

Management Team

ArdentEdu is a subsidiary of Aidan Group of Companies

M. Iznan Shamsuddin
Managing Director

M. Suhaimi Ramly
Executive Director

Khairul Anwar M. Zaki Executive Director

M. Akmal Akhpah Executive Director

Becoming ArdentEdu

Seeking for right mindset & attitude
In our line of work, we prioritize perfection and satisfaction. Not just of customers, but our staffs and family at work as well. We believe in enforcing a well-kept harmony in work environment.
Come & join ArdentEdu, A fresh narrative for education.
To be a leader in educational industry specialising in edu based contest and enrichment program

To become market leader in providing edu based contest and program

To set a national standard for edu based contest

To uphold the Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan as the core value in providing our services

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