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Teachers Conference (TECOF) is created to gather all educators from every part of Malaysia to highlight the latest issues in the education field. Pitching ideas, mapping out alternatives to solve those issues as well as compiling the bombardment of ideas from all teachers are what have been targeted for this event.

Kangaroo Math Intensive Workshop

Kangaroo Math Intensive Workshop is open for Primary and Secondary students who are interested to have an intensive training on Kangaroo Math module. The programme is usually held as part of students’ preparation before competing for Kangaroo Math Competition.

Kangaroo Math and Kancil Science Road Tour

A road tour will be held annually around January to April. Kangaroo Math’s and Kancil Science’s team will be visiting schools all over Malaysia and give a mini workshop of Kangaroo Math and Kancil Science for two hours. This programme will attract a lot more participants to be interested in joining the competitions.

STEM-Based Programmes

ArdentEdu has been a trusted organiser to organise and run a lot of STEM-based programmes for teachers and students.STEM Innovation Fair and ArdentEdu STEM Discover Race are conducted for Minggu Sains Negara and Karnival STEM Kebangsaan SK which is a national level STEM carnival for Primary students representing more than 200 primary schools in Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka.

Math Olympiad Workshop

Math Olympiad Workshop is open for Secondary students who are participating for any kind of Mathematical Olympiads, as such, Olimpiad Math Kebangsaan (OMK), MRSM Math Olympiad (MRSMMO), SBP Math Olympiad (SBPMO) and many more.

Young Coder

Young Coder is an online intensive year long programme to train students who have or have yet to be exposed with knowledge on computer programming, coding, and computational thinking to become elite coders and problem solvers via theory, practice and project-based instruction

Ardent Star

Ardent Star is a new initiative conducted by ArdentEdu. Ardent Star celebrates the efforts of schools, teachers and students involved in programs and competitions.
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